Friday, February 27, 2009

Goats, Ducks, and Dogs Oh My!

Well, we made it to pick up our RV just outside of Austin. We were soooooooo worn out from the drive and unpacking that we just took it easy for a couple of days before heading out again! We're now making our way up to Tennessee to see the Smokey Mountains! Our first stop was here in Waco, Texas (I know, we didn't make it very far yet! lol) We're at the cutest RV park that we've seen so far! There's a walk-in pool, jacuzzi, cafe, game/movie room, a petting zoo, fishing pond, and a couple of other ponds too! Our spot is right in front of one of the ponds in which 3 ducks live. The ducks saw us pull in and immediately ran up to Mark for food and needless to say Mark ran the other way! lol It's funny because I hear them outside as we speak and it keeps freeking me out! lol I keep thinking that something is wrong with my computer. Anyways, I think that we'll stay put here for a couple of days. A cold front is moving through and we don't want to go any further North at this point because our heater is out. (We do have portable heaters for now.) I'm glad that Mark got some swimming in today before the cold weather moved in.
That's all for now folks!
Miss and love ya all!

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