Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back in touch with the world......

I haven't had access to the Internet in some time, it's so odd to realize how much this trip has changed me in so little time. I used to spend so many hours online, watching t.v., doing things that really had no relevance . For the last few weeks I haven't had much contact with the "real world" other than by phone, and talking to other campers along the way. It has forced me to think about life and what's really important. Being surrounded by nature, God, the people that I adore.....spending time with my family, sitting outside at night watching the big open sky with all of it's amazing life.....watching the sun set over the horizon and seeing so many bright beautiful colors in every direction with no end in sight and the shadows of rolling hills in the back ground.....hiking in huge towering trees that seem to reach the sky ......miles of solitude, biking through the lost pines and adoring the nature that I am embedded in, seeing the suns rays touch the tips of cactus with beautiful lush green trees as the backdrop, hiking until the point of exhaustion and finding a beautiful crystal clear stream surrounded by huge bluffs covered with trees and the sun setting perfectly with bold yellow and pink rays in the sky, watching my son throwing pebbles in a stream, or seeing him cast the perfect line into a lake for the first time ......I feel so overwhelmed with all of the beauty around me that I can hardly contain my emotions and it makes me want to cry. Never in my life have I ever felt so at peace .

Our New Location!