Monday, November 10, 2008

Yiiippiieeeaawwww crap!

Well, now that Mark is done running back and forth in the RV shouting "wooooo hoooooo" and Denny and I have stopped running up and down the street naked shouting Yippieeeee...(ok, not really) we're finally getting down to the nitty gritty! We've split up about TWENTY instructional manuals, started shopping for supplies, and getting last minute things done around the house. It's a lot of work but it will all pay off real soon! The time to depart is getting closer and I'm getting pretty antsy! I've even been getting up super duper early (for those who know me well that means around 7 or 8 am!)

Since I don't have any new exciting adventures yet I decided to add some cool stuff to look at in the meanwhile. Check out the links on the right side of my page. There's photos, some websites that I belong to, and even some old videos that I have on you tube.


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